Occupational therapy - Handwriting

Handwriting 01The Total Children's Therapy handwriting assessments provide a comprehensive package appropriate for children and young people of all ages who are experiencing difficulties with learning to write or struggling to keep up in school / college / university or perform to their potential in exams.

The package includes:

  • An assessment can include fine and gross motor skills
  • Handwriting 02
  • Assessment of visual perceptual skills
  • Handwriting evaluation e.g. assessment of handwriting speed
  • Opportunity to try new equipment e.g. pencil grips, pens, sloping writing surface
  • Report with recommendations and fun activity ideas
  • Liaison with your child's educational setting

The assessment can take place at our clinic (Poole Road Medical Centre, Bournemouth) or your child's school/college (subject to consent and available space, mileage will be charged - 45p per mile)

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