Speech and Language therapy

Speech Image 01Our Paediatric Speech and Language therapists provide assessment, diagnosis, and therapeutic treatment for a range of speech, language and communication difficulties.

For example, we work with language delay or disorder, speech sound delay or disorder, dyspraxia, cleft palate and children with social communication difficulties such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

We also work with children with feeding and swallowing difficulties. Therapy focuses on maximising a child's ability to communicate and activities are play based.

Treatment plans may include direct one to one therapy, group therapy, and advice for home/nursery/school settings. Reports and programmes may also be provided.

Our SALT’s work with both verbal and non-verbal children and are experienced using Communication Aids here both low and high tech. This includes children who do not speak due to anxiety related issues and if this is the case we then work closely with our counselling team.

We also run small signing groups for parents/carers and children with SEN but also for parents and babies to help develop language skills(for more information see our ‘Groups Tab’).