Sports Injuries and Screening

The Junior Sports Injury Clinic is a specialist service for children. It operates 6 days a week with daytime and evening appointments available.

Services provided include:

  • Acute Injuries (happened recently) - assessment and treatment.
  • Chronic Injuries (repetitive or lasting a long time) - assessment and treatment.
  • Advice on sports injury prevention lectures to sports clubs on injury prevention - tailored to the club requirements.
  • Dance Injuries - our physiotherapists are experienced in treating young dancers. We have seen children working with the Royal Ballet Associate programme and one of our physio’s has been up to White Lodge to liaise with the therapists working there.
  • Mobile Clinic – we now have a completely mobile clinic so can come to your sports club and offer your members treatment without them having to travel or take up other precious time. This also enables our therapists to liaise with coaches as well as parents, if required.
  • Free lectures Children to junior athletes at sports clubs with advice on warm up, stretching, warm down and the effect of growth spurts on performance. The talks are tailored to the age of the children and any sport specific requirements.

We have experienced paediatric physiotherapists running the clinics. Between them they have an extensive knowledge base of various sports injuries and injury prevention and have been involved with various sports teams at many levels.


It is a useful tool in order to have a close up look at an athlete on an individual basis in order to identify any poor movement patterns, mobility issues or weaknesses which may lead to a sports injury if left untreated. This in depth analysis will also provide information for the sportsman/woman which will then help improve technique and performance.

What are we looking for?

  • Asymmetry
  • Any anomalies e.g. scoliosis (curve in the spine)
  • Tightness/muscle shortening
  • Strength, flexibility and range of movement in all areas of the body
  • Body awareness
  • Endurance
  • Any issue which may lead to an injury in the future

How does it help the athlete?

  • A screening analysis can help improve technique and performance
  • It improves body awareness
  • It gives a comparison over time
  • It can help with setting realistic personal aims/goals
  • It may help explain a change in form
  • It helps with the prevention of injury

What does a screening involve?

It lasts for approximately one hour and takes place at the physiotherapy clinic. During the screening you child will be asked to do a number of tasks and will be tested in a number of ways. We will be looking at different areas such as:

  • Core, shoulder and pelvic stability
  • Balance, proprioception (joint feedback) and body awareness
  • Growth and change in body shape
  • Range of movement and muscle strength
  • Plyometrics (ability to push off/jump) and biomechanics of movement

At the end of the session any obvious findings will be discussed with you and your child. The physio will then analyse all the results in detail and within a week you will receive an extensive report which breaks down all the results from the screening and relates them to your child and their sport(s).

An individual programme will then be produced of exercise that can easily incorporated in to training sessions or done at home, to help with any issues raised during the screening. This will be tailored specifically for your child.