‘From the moment we met, I knew we’d come to the right place to get the answers we needed.  A phone call with an initial assessment was brilliant!’

‘Will go the extra mile to accommodate’

‘Flexible sessions to suit the child’

‘Enabled my daughter to do things/activities that benefit her’

‘My daughter is beginning to understand who she is and appreciate her uniqueness, her confidence is emerging’

‘My son felt understood and valued’
‘We always come away feeling positive after every session’

‘A variety of therapists offered ‘under one roof’’

‘Communication between the therapists combines goals and targets’

‘All professionals that work for Total Children’s Therapy are of a high standard and clearly are very experienced in their field’

‘The sessions encourage my son to complete the exercises whilst having a lot of fun’

‘The written SALT report was very useful and we were able to share this with our son’s nursery staff who could implement a care plan’

‘Our therapist is always extremely enthusiastic and keen to achieve the best outcomes for our son’

‘All of the TCT team are very welcoming’

‘We chose TCT because they are very professional and give a fantastic service’

‘The physiotherapy received is always done in a very positive way’

‘My daughter has become a more confident child – comfortable in her skin’

‘Our therapist always goes the extra mile’

‘I cannot fault any of the therapists I have had contact with. Each have a different way of working but are very adaptable to meet the needs of our child’

‘I always feel the therapist go over and above their session e.g. support/writing letters’

‘We have now been using TCT for 7 years and every therapist that has worked with our son and the family have been extremely approachable and professional’

‘The cohesion and communication between therapists to all work together to reach the same goal’

‘Our physiotherapist is simply irreplaceable for our son, her way of working with him engages him positively and provides exceptional input for us to support him every day’

‘Whenever we have a questions our therapist responds straight away. She is reliable, prompt, trustworthy and professional’

‘I felt the advice and support given to us and to my son’s teachers was very useful. The report was very comprehensive. The service was delivered in a very timely way, and we were very grateful for that’

‘I initially came to Total Children’s Therapy because my son has issues with hyper mobility, particularly around his knees. Our therapist has not only helped with this but continued to help with trying to generally build up my son’s overall strength and fitness. This has made a great difference to him and to me as his mum’

‘All of the therapists that I have been in contact with have been both professional and approachable. Always contactable by phone and email and very quick to reply’

‘when you attend physio at the hospital it is always mundane. Physio at Total Children’s Therapy is very exciting for my daughter, with games she enjoys doing and she forgets she is doing physio exercises’

‘We have always received a professional, friendly and helpful service from all members of the team. Our phone calls and emails have always been returned in good time and we have always felt able to ask questions (no matter how small they may seem)’

‘The input has exceeded our expectations. As a direct result of input from Wendy and the team, our child had the best possible support at school. He started in reception with a plan in place which helped him to settle, make friends and enjoy his transition to school. This is something we could not have imagined just over a year ago’

‘We felt that all of the activities carried out by the therapists were fully explained to us and we were given lots of ideas of things to continue at home. We noticed how the therapists were able to engage with our son and maintain his attention while he was “working” so that he actually felt he was playing. We feel that the communication from the service was excellent and Wendy/Sarah were easily contactable. We felt the advice we were given was direct and professional, yet clearly explained so that we understood the needs and difficulties of our child but also understood potential ways forward. Without help from TCT our child’s transition from pre-school to school would have been a very different, less positive experience. Thank you’

‘The relationship our physio has with school is very helpful. The knowledge of new approaches to our son’s physio has been essential to his progress’

‘Jane not only meets our expectations but completely exceeds them in all areas. Her level of knowledge and understanding is amazing and I have total confidence in everything she suggests or recommends for our son. Her follow up with how he is getting on and advice always goes beyond what I have encountered in any other medical area’

‘I would recommend TCT very highly and do on a regular basis. We truly appreciate all of the hard work that she puts in with our son. I always leave his physio sessions feeling positive and motivated about what he can achieve’