Attachment Service

Attachment Service

The Relationships and Attachments Support service is for parents or carers who recognise that they struggle with bonding or attachment with their baby, child, tween or teenager.

It helps parents to understand what may be causing their child’s behaviours. Support is
then given to help parents learn different approaches to interact with their children.

This will then help to improve their relationship and lead to a number of positive effects,
such as an increase in self-confidence, better emotional regulation and help the parent feel
more confident to meet their child’s needs.

This service is divided into three parts. Parts A and B are always undertaken, and part C
can be added if required.

Part A – an initial 90 minute virtual or face to face parent consultation.
Part B – a bespoke resource divided into six sessions that runs for 6-weeks – with 60 min virtual or face to face reviews at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks.
Part C – a block of 6 face to face sessions with the therapist, young person and main carer.

Who is it designed for?

  • Parents/carers who have struggled to form an attachment to their child/ baby.
  • Parents who want to build a better relationship between parent/carer and child.
  • For parents who feel their children’s behaviour is due to difficulties with their
    relationship and connection.
  • For those who have had a forced separation from their child and would like to re-
    build their attachment.
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