Early Intervention Therapy

Early Intervention Therapy Service

As a team we strongly believe that an ‘early intervention approach’ is key to the best kind of therapeutic support. By being there for families and children from the very start (however early or bumpy) we can help families to feel secure and supported and ensure that good habits are formed. In this way we can ensure a child’s full potential can be fully unlocked from the very beginning.

By giving a little one and their families a positive start and helping with the building blocks at the very beginning, a healthy and robust approach to development will form and continue as they mature.

Families can be supported to embed advice into everyday life and so that children can receive their ‘therapy’ through play and during everyday activities.

As well as a therapeutic approach our team also offer continuity of support and a wealth of information so that families can build their trust in our services.

The concept of early intervention is internationally recognised and is based on much research and health policy thinking.

We work hard to be there for families but not create an over reliance, we enjoy working to empower those around the child, keeping their needs at the centre at all times.

Our service is designed to offer a sympathetic and bespoke overview of your child’s development. We aim at all times to be kind, professional and approachable at a time when families often feel very overwhelmed and are dealing with many emotions and feelings.

  • We will listen and support each family on their journey, at their own speed whilst addressing their needs and concerns.
  • We can offer a rounded assessment of your child’s developmental profile.
  • This is not a diagnostic service, but we can offer advice and liaise with/refer into other local statutory services if required.
  • We offer consistent, high quality and accessible services.
  • Our highly experienced therapists enjoy working with families providing consistency and a positive experience for all.
  • Our team can at times help make introductions which may help with funding.

Who is it designed for?

  • Pre-schoolers
  • Children that have had a bumpy start to life
  • Premature babies (born less than full term)
  • Children who are slow to reach milestones
  • Children showing differences in their development compared to their peers
  • For children both with and without a diagnosis.

How Will THis Service Be Offered?

  • We begin by meeting with families and offering an initial parent consultation to find out a little more about why they are seeking some support and to listen to their concerns.
  • The next stage is an initial assessment with the little one.
  • Once all this information has been collated the therapist will create a bespoke plan and will feedback and liaise with parents to implement it.

Collaboration between therapists and parents enables parents to have the knowledge, insight, and power to incorporate ideas through fun and play.

Modelling/ enabling/providing and suggesting resources, will all be part of the therapy options offered.

We also like to offer support from other parents who have had similar experiences and who are now a little further along in their journeys.

The Therapy Team

Our early intervention team is made up of a lovely team of very experienced and friendly therapists who each or together can support a family on their therapy journey.

  • Speech and language therapy (SLT leaflet available for more details)
  • Physio (Physio leaflet available for more details)
  • Occupational therapy (OT leaflet available for more details)
  • Music Therapy (Music Therapy leaflet available for more details)
  • Theraplay (Theraplay leaflet available for more details)
early intervention little smiler
early intervention - baby boy playing
early intervention - premature baby