Exam Access Arrangement Assessments

Exam Access Arrangement Assessments


Exam Access Arrangements (EAAs) are the reasonable adjustments that can be made for a student/exam candidate. These may include extra time, permission to use assistive technology, scribe or practical assistance.

Exam arrangements can only be granted if they are a candidate’s ‘normal way of working’ within the educational setting, with evidence from teaching staff, and the candidate has a history of need. 

The JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications), who oversee Exam Access Arrangements for GCSE and A-Level qualifications, require that the process of determining EAA is carried out in a collaborative manner between the school/college and specialist assessor.


  • Schools and settings
  • Organisations supporting young people with SEN

How will this service be offered?

Normally this would be face to face at school. We are however being flexible currently about where the assessments can take place and if school is not an option we do have alternatives we can offer.