Family Support Service

Family Support

Fortunate Debbi considers herself very privileged to be able to meet and work with young people & their families

Accommodating – She will do her best to be flexible with what she offers

Mediator – She has years of experience of liaising with families and teams around them

Insightful Debbi is very preceptive and able to make sense of very complex situations

Looks for clues Debbi is very good at unpicking situations and highlighting what may and may not be important.

Young people are important She believes in keeping the young person at the centre of all her work


Supportive Debbi makes use of her years of experience and professional skills to help families share their load

Understanding Debbi carefully listens to a family’s needs, Debbi enjoys building a rapport with families

Parents are important Debbi fundamentally believes in keeping parents views & needs in mind when working

Positive Debbi, by nature is a very positive/can do kind of lady

Open minded Debbi does not judge, only listen to one side or jump to conclusions.

Resilient Debbi is experienced & has worked in a very wide range of situations & environments over the years

ThoughtfulDebbi will treat each piece of work as an individual one and put thought and care into all she offers.


Practical Debbi by nature is a very resourceful and practical person

Reflective She will listen, gather information and then put together a considered plan

Active listening By using this skill Debbi is able to use information gathered to give bespoke support & advice.

Communication is key Debbi understands the value of this particularly when teams around a family are large.

Timely By being able to offer quick and effective support when it is needed Debbi’s outcomes are very good.

Interested Debbi thoroughly enjoys her work and is always interested in who she meets and the work she does.

Tools She has many tools, resources, contacts and ideas to help support her work.

Inspiring – Debbi likes to inspire and equally be inspired when working.

OoopsDebbi will highlight and reassure that we all have oops moments, herself included.

New beginnings She enjoys watching a new start as support and ideas are put in place.

EnablerDebbi enjoys putting a plan in place to scaffold and enable not ‘do for’.

ResearchingDebbi relishes looking into and keeping up to date with new information, organisations & ideas.

How will this service be offered?

  • Visits – homes/schools/settings
  • Clinic or virtual consultations
  • Attendance at meetings to support families of advocate for the young person – virtual or face-to-face

Who is it designed for?

Young people and their families who are having a difficult time. This may be for any number of reasons some examples are…

  • Parents with long term or life limiting conditions
  • Extra support is required for a family to access places and opportunities
  • The young person has complex medical needs
  • Helping with school attendance
  • Breakdown in family relationships and communication
  • Managing and understanding emotions and behaviours for the whole family
  • Parenting workshops/programmes and principles – supporting parents to support their children.
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