Family Wellness Service

Family Wellness Support Service

Family Wellness

Rachel provides early intervention and prevention support for families who may be experiencing emerging difficulties and would like to seek support to prevent these from escalating. Rachel supports families to understand what changes they would like to achieve, identify goals and seek solutions to these.


Rachel supports families when there is a disruption in the family dynamic in a diverse range of ways such as:

  • Direct work with a child or young person to resolve difficulties, for example managing anxiety, building confidence and emotional regulation.
  • Working with parents or carers to explore parenting approaches, setting boundaries, managing behaviour and to develop an understanding of their child’s development and needs.
  • Facilitating family problem solving to overcome challenges such as building positive communication and supportive family relationships.
  • Providing information and guidance around practical steps to improving your wellness such as increasing feelings of happiness and building resilience.


Rachel provides coaching to families and young people on a range of areas such as building confidence, managing difficult situations and improving family dynamics. Coaching empowers a person to work on current challenges and develop their skills for the future. It facilitates the development of another person through helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

Any difficulties that require more specialist support will be referred onto appropriate services

Who is it designed for?

This service is primarily designed for young people in secondary and further education.

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