Family Wellness Service

Family Wellness Support Service


Developing your child’s emotional wellbeing is an important part of education, development, and broader life-skills. This includes building resilience, improving motivation,  managing emotions, forming friendships  and so much more.

Young people have faced unprecedented disruptions and challenges in recent times and being a young person has arguably never been more difficult. Proactive early support helps resolve difficulties before they increase, giving young people a helping hand to build skills and work through challenges. Even though families might feel alone right now, so many issues faced by young people are surprisingly common – specialist support can help guide through these times.

Through mentoring we can help your child to become more self-aware and equipped with the skills and strategies to optimise their wellbeing.

The Wellness Service

The wellness service provides 1:1 individualised sessions to increase knowledge and self-awareness, teach new skills and mentor young people through any difficulties by providing regular guided sessions through their development.

Each family receives an initial discovery session to hear and understand existing concerns followed by a 5 session block of dedicated support on-line or in person. Example packages include:

  • Anxiety – building an understanding of what anxiety is and how our brain and body respond when we are anxious, creating control over our anxious thoughts and tools to cope with anxious feelings.
  • Emotional Resilience – learning how we can respond to difficulties in a positive way through developing self-awareness and building skills and resources to enhance coping strategies and emotional wellness.
  • Practical strategies to promote wellbeing, including mindfulness and meditation exercises, using our sense to promote calmness, the importance of sleep and daily routines, and the role of endorphins in exercise.

The sessions take a mentoring approach to support, making sessions fun and interactive whilst building resilience and emotional awareness.

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