Life Story

Life Story Bundle

Life story work is designed to provide a comprehensive and chronological look at the life of a child who has gone through many life changes, often when fostered and/or adopted.

A good life story book looks into the journey of a young person’s life. It will look at the people, experiences and places that have played a part in that process. What has gone on before, what is happening now and what may happen in the future. The ‘story’ is then put together into a format for the young person to keep and refer back to at any time or share with anyone they wish to.

Sessions will work to reinforce a sense of permanency, safety, and raise the child’s self-esteem, along with giving them an understanding of what is causing their difficulties. It is well documented that children who are unable to stay with their birth parents have low self-esteem and a deep sense of shame and so, often find it difficult to trust adults or to form a secure attachment.

We like to work creatively for example, playing, drawing, acting, talking and sometimes using other methods. Carers may be invited to join in some of these sessions.

Children will need to be in a safe, caring place with an adult/adults, who are able to meet their need before this work can begin.

Who is it designed for?

This service is designed …

  • Children who do not clearly understand their history and do not already have a life story book.
  • Children who have been adopted
  • Children who are fostered and preparing to be adopted.
  • For children who have experienced many changes in their life and need to put it in order or understand what has brought them to the place they are now.

The Life Story Bundle

Part 1 – The Assessment

This is split into two parts can be offered on same day with small break in the middle – pre- assessment forms will have been sent prior to the assessment and will be required as part of the assessment process.

  • 90 min session – social worker and any professionals involved
  • 90 min session- social worker and adoptive parents

A decision will then be made at this point if life story work is appropriate, if it is the therapy stage can commence.

Part 2 – The Therapy

This consists of 12 x 90 mins sessions – the sessions will include of 30 mins prep time and 60 mins face to face time. 

Occasionally in some more complex cases a few extra sessions are required, consent would always be sought from the fee payer before going ahead with these and they are then charged extra.

Part 3 – Book and Materials Used

We offer the bundle structure as above so that we can assess and make sure that it is an appropriate referral for the service. On the rare occasion that it is not, then only the assessment fee is due.

life story - dolls house
life-story - child with suitcase
life story - filp chart