Music Therapy

Music Therapy Service

Over the past 25 years, working as a registered music therapist, Rachel has used music in a wide variety of health, education and community settings – working with children and adults of all ages. After working at the Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability in London, Rachel moved to Dorset in 2001. In addition to the work she does with Total Children’s Therapy Rachel works with adults with acquired brain injury. Rachel is a member of the British Association for Music Therapy and state registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. She plays the flute and piano.

Music therapy work is tailored to meet the need’s and abilities of the child or young person using live music and songs. Working through music can be beneficial in so many ways as it can support interaction, use of voice, physical skills as well as self-expression, creativity and emotional well-being.

Our music therapy services are designed to support active music making with the child – at their pace and drawing on what they can do. We also support families to share in this musical journey. After a block of sessions, we can then advise on ways of developing music making in different settings for example or recommend instruments. We are also able to provide personalised musical recordings which can be used at home.

We like our sessions to be safe, effective and fun and also ensure the child Service and family feel comfortable and relaxed when accessing our services.

Services Offered

  • Song work: Using familiar songs can encourage joining in with singing/vocalising and supporting sustaining voice. Practicing vocalising to a beat or pitch – to support flow/phrasing. Working with vocal turn taking/vocal exchanges to build interaction.

  • Music and Movement: Working with action songs to support and encourage movement. A live musical accompaniment can also help with motor planning/control/directional movement/encouraging range/co-ordination/fluency/grading/tone changes.

  • Connected Musical Listening: This is designed to help with relaxation and mood setting and can also help with emotional well being. The therapist will also listen to and watch your child’s movements/breath so that they are linked, connected and part of the sound and music around them.

  • Bespoke Recordings: Our music therapist can create music to support activities at home and enhance your child’s physical and emotional well-being. Or provide music that can be used in conjunction with specific work your child is doing in in their OT, Physiotherapy or SALT. This personalised resource will allow you to access music created specifically to match your child’s abilities, likes and goals.

How We Can Offer Music Therapy Sessions

  •  Face to Face Appointments – We can offer therapy sessions and joint appointments with other therapists. These can be offered at the clinic and at times, home, and educational settings.
  • Virtual Sessions – our music therapist has experience with these sessions and has developed some exciting ways to work remotely using musical activities. We can even ‘invite’ family members who might not be with you at home, to join a virtual session remotely. And in this way then can be part of the musical experience.
  • Garden / Outside Sessions – this may be possible at school or nursery when external visitors are unable to visit the setting (although this would of course be weather dependent).
music - girl with headphones
music - lad wheelchair tamberine
music - lad wheelchair tamberine