Occupational Therapy

Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service

Our team of specialist OT’s are experienced, friendly, and approachable. They are very used to supporting families on a 1:1 basis or as part of a bigger multi-disciplinary team.

The OT’s at TCT all bring a variety of clinical skills to the team. They have built up various areas of expertise over the years and are all dedicated to, and enjoy working with, children and young people.

This service is designed for children and young adults aged 0-18. If the young person is known to us then we are happy to transition them past 18 and into their early 20’s.

We like our sessions to be effective and fun and also to ensure the child and family feel comfortable and relaxed when accessing our services.


Neuro developmental service

Our team is very experienced at supporting children and young people with long term conditions and syndromes. We offer an excellent range of developmental assessments to suit all needs. A flyer available with more information is available if required.


The OT can be an integral part of the Developmental Early Intervention Service which is designed to offer a sympathetic and bespoke overview of your child’s physical development. We will listen and support each family on their journey, at their own speed whilst addressing their needs and concerns. We like to take a proactive approach, getting in early to help avoid preventable issues and help set up good practice as your child matures.

Activities of daily living and organisational skills

The OT team have great experience of helping children and young people master activities of daily living. They can help with advice, strategies, resources, and equipment to help enable the young person to be as independent as possible.

Equipment advice, assessment and alterations

Liaison with reps, advice regarding new equipment and expertise regarding altering existing equipment are all part of the team’s skills set.

Developmental Co-ordination Service

Our OT’s will view your child as a whole and give an overview of their development. The team will be looking for any immature, patchy or missing foundation motor skills and the reasons behind them. We describe it like a game of Jenga if the bottom rows of bricks are not securely in place it makes it difficult to then build up more complex skills. This can then manifest in issues around organising themselves, following routines or difficulty trying to acquire or perfect motor skills. The children may be seen to struggle with handwriting, cutlery use, dressing or learning in the classroom. Our team can provide both standardised (scored) assessments along with observations based on years of experience. They will then advise and guide the family making recommendations based on their findings.


The OT’s can observe and assess handwriting skills and the underlying function and processing skills required to produce effective and legible writing. For example, this may include an in-depth look at visual perception.

Sensory profiling/screening

As part of our assessment process we can complete a sensory profile/screen, which is part of the battery of assessments that OT’s can complete. From this we can pick out clusters of traits/ behaviours. This sensory screen along with observations enables us to then give advice/recommendations based on the findings. We can then liaise with home and school as required.

Please note that this screen/profiling will only give us a brief view of a child’s sensory needs. A full sensory assessment would take place over a number of sessions and would include seeing the child in a variety of environments to see how sensory difficulties impact on their ability to function and carry out meaningful occupations, in all aspects of their lives. We do not offer this at TCT.

How we can offer our OT sessions

  • Face to face appointments – We can offer assessments, therapy sessions, reviews, and joint appointments with other professionals. These can be offered at the clinic and at times, home, and educational settings.
  • Virtual Sessions – Our team have had great success with these sessions and have developed some exciting ways to work remotely and support children and young adults.
  • Outings/Visits – These sessions work well and are very effective when space or different environments are required to see function and ability in everyday situations (although are of course sometimes weather dependent).
  • Consultancy role – The OT’s are very good at being able to troubleshoot, offer support, advice, and recommendations
  • Advocacy role – Following individual discussions the team will at times help to represent the child/family at meetings or by paperwork.
occupational therapy fine motors skills
occupational therapy doing up buttons