Speech and Language Therapy

Specialist Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Services

Our team of specialist Speech and Language Therapists are experienced, friendly and approachable. They are very used to supporting families on a 1:1 basis or as part of a bigger multi-disciplinary team.

The five speech and language therapists at TCT all bring different areas of clinical expertise to the team and have built up various skills sets over the years.

This service is designed for children and young adults aged 0-18. If the young person is known to us, then we are happy to transition them past 18 and into their early 20’s.

Our range of services are designed to be safe, effective, and fun and ensure the child and family feel comfortable and relaxed.


Early Language

This service is for children who are delayed with beginning their understanding and/or use of verbal language. Our Speech and Language Therapists will provide advice, modelling and ideas that you can carry out throughout the day to help your child to develop their early language skills. We can work with nurseries and pre-school settings as well to promote good language modelling from all aspects of your child’s day to help kick start their language development.

Language Disorder

We provide assessment, diagnosis and therapy for children and adolescents with language disorders. Our Speech and Language Therapists can provide advice and training to schools to ensure that the appropriate support is in place for reducing the impact of language disorder on access to learning. Therapy can be carried out at school, clinic or home.

Speech Delay or Disorder

Our Speech and Language Therapists will provide assessment, diagnosis, and therapy to suit your child’s speech sound difficulties. The therapist will recommend the frequency of any therapy sessions following initial assessment. Advice and recommendations for home and education will be part of the therapy in order to speed up learning and generalisation.

Social Cognition

Difficulties with Social cognition can be part of an ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) but are not always. We offer therapy to develop social cognition for those children and teenagers who are having difficulty with friendships, with interacting in a way that is socially expected and with understanding the perspectives/motivation of other people.


Our Speech and Language Therapists hold post-graduate qualifications in Dysphagia and have many years’ experience of working with a wide range of children who experience eating and drinking difficulties. We are able to assess either face to face or virtually, and provide detailed recommendations, reports and guidelines and therapy to support children with dysphagia. We are also able to provide support to children who have sensory feeding difficulties.


Alternative and Augmentative Communication can help a wide variety of children who find it difficult to communicate and be understood verbally. Our Speech and Language Therapists have a many years of experience working with a variety of AAC ranging from low to high tech. They are able to assess, write and deliver therapy programmes, provide training and support on many different aspects of AAC.


  • Whole school signing training
  • Signing groups/workshops
  • Pick and mix activities (coming soon)
  • Signalong training delivered by a trained Signalong tutor (coming soon)

Low Tech

  • Resource making using Boardmaker (PCS symbols) e.g. visual schedules, symbol charts
  • Communication books including PODD books
  • Switches, Cheaptalks
  • E-tran frames

High Tech

  • Communication aids such as iPads, Windows tablets, eye gaze devices
  • Software including: The Grid, Snap + core, Insight, Look to Learn, Look to Read
  • Environmental controls

How we can offer our SLT sessions

  • Face to Face Appointments – We can offer assessments, therapy sessions, reviews, and joint appointments with other professionals. These can be offered at the clinic and at times, home, and educational settings.
  • Virtual Sessions – Our team have had great success with these sessions and have developed some exciting ways to work remotely and support children and young adults.
  •  Outings/Visits – These sessions work well and are very effective when space or different environments are required to see function and ability in everyday situations (although are of course sometimes weather dependent).
  • Consultancy Role – The Speech and Language Therapists are very good at being able to troubleshoot, offer support, advice, and recommendations.
speech language therapy teenager autism
speech language therapy mum-good eye contact daughter