All About Me Manual

This is one of our new services. It will provide a bespoke, in depth and up to date overview of your child- great for transitions or when starting something new or meeting new people.

Presented in an easy to read format with pictures, for anyone meeting your child for the first time. It will be broken down into 10 chapters which cover key areas which are important to your child.

Will be made available in both hard and electronic formats. This versatile resource lends itself to making life easier for your child, so that others can get Pick and Mix bundle to know them without your child having to answer the same questions again and again. Information will be gathered by email and/or phone and/or virtual liaison.

All About Me Follow-up

A review and update is also available for Annual reviews or transitions

Sing and Sign

Pick and mix bundle

My Therapy Book

More information coming soon about this exciting resource