Return to School Service

School Refusers and Reluctant Returners Service

This service from TCT is designed for families who have children and young people who are struggling to get into school or return after the school holidays.

Young people have faced unprecedented disruptions and challenges in recent times and being a young person has arguably never been more difficult. Our team offers support by working with the young person and also by providing a link between the family and educational setting/provider. Proactive early support helps resolve difficulties before they increase, giving young people a helping hand to build skills and work through challenges.

Who is it designed for?

Our advisors will work with each family in a bespoke manner and will listen and help unpick the reasons why school attendance is so difficult.

They can offer support for young people, parents, carers, schools and other professionals. They will help ensure a holistic approach is taken in finding and meeting the best possible outcomes for any child/young person going through the education system.

Our advisors can offer the following.

  • Listening and mentoring young people with SEND who are having challenges engaging in education.
  • 1:1 mentoring work with children.
  • Engaging with young people to find out what is the best route / path is for them.
  • Parent consultation and initial history and time-line taking. This will take a detailed look at what support has been offered in the past (if any), current issues and options available.
  • Accompanying families as they visit specialist settings or attend transition visits/meetings.

Who is it designed for?

Children and young people from reception year right through to post 16 provision.

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