Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Service

With Clare Williams

Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Service for Settings

About Clare

Clare’s philosophy centres on enabling children to develop a belief in themselves and to gain a core sense of self -esteem through exploration of themselves, the world around them and how they interact within it.

Clare’s career began in Primary Education in the UK. She then worked in Tanzania, with both government and an NGO, to improve the quality of learning and teaching at classroom and policy level. On returning to the UK, she became an advisor in the field of emotional and behavioural difficulties and qualified as Educational Psychotherapist in 2004. She then became Adviser for well-being, delivering training and consultancy to schools to enhance provision and care for children. Later she worked as a CAMHS professional, supporting families and young people with emotional health and well-being needs and providing multi agency training in emotional and mental health. She works currently as a freelance SEMH and Trauma Informed consultant providing training and consultative support to schools as well as writing educational materials. She is co-author of Jigsaw PSHE, the comprehensive scheme of learning for primary PSHE and has recently written a Trauma Informed PSHE Return to school resource for TISUK.


Clare believes that education has to be holistic and creative and that children’s emotional and social development is at the absolute core of what they need for learning and especially, for life.

Clare can offer the following services:

  • Strategic School Development/Multi-Academy Trust Development – Vision and Ethos for Trauma Informed approaches and SEMH provision
  • Whole school SEMH emotional health and behaviour approaches and policy development
  • Observation and assessment – class based or of individual children
  • Practical advice and strategies for teachers/parents
  • Direct teacher/TA/ Pastoral support, coaching, supervision and mentoring
  • Individual intervention plans
  • Small group intervention work – modelling, leading, coaching or training for pastoral workers, SENCOs, Inclusion Leaders, TAs
  • Whole school/core staff training

How can we offer this service


Clare offers a wide range of training opportunities for settings. She is a very experienced and popular lecturer and receives great feedback.


Clare offers a consultancy service to settings to offer support, modelling and guidance for school staff for individual interventions / trouble shooting / whole school approaches. This can be offered on an hourly basis or bought in as a half or whole day package.


Clare already has an exciting back catalogue of resources and schemes that she has written and is currently working on some very exciting new resources for 2021.

Who is this service designed for ?

Clare works with all staff in schools who have a role in the pastoral and wellbeing needs of children. This can be senior leaders, teachers, pastoral leads, ELSAs and TAs at a strategic and consultative level or in terms of practical support at intervention and whole school approaches.

She also works with parents providing consultative support, attendance at reviews or planning meetings to develop provision and partnership working.

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