Special Offers

SPECIAL OFFER FOR OUR Family Support and SEND Service running until the end of March 2021

Initial 90-minute parent consultation only £75 instead of £90

Our advisors will work with each family in a bespoke manner and help navigate the journey that each family is on. They can offer support for young people, parents, carers, schools and other professionals. They will help ensure a holistic approach is taken in finding and meeting the best possible outcomes for any child/young person going through the education system. Cathy and Sarah are very experienced professionals who also have the added bonus of being part of a large multidisciplinary team at TCT, so they can offer support that straddles the health/education divide.

Our advisors can offer the following:

  • Listening and mentoring young people with SEND who are having challenges engaging in education.
  • 1:1 mentoring work with children with SEND.
  • Engaging with young people to find out what is the best route / path is for them.
  • Parent consultation and initial history and timeline taking. This will take a detailed look at what support has been offered in the past (if any), current issues and options available.
  • Accompanying families as they visit specialist settings or attend transition visits/meetings.
  • Listening, supporting and working with parents through the SEND and EHCP processes
  • Establishing positive working relationships with young people and parents
  • Help with understanding SEND /medical reports.
  • They will collect and bring together information regarding options and services available and keep it updated.
  • A role that helps bridge the communication between health colleagues and educational settings.
  • Help for schools/setting to embrace and embed therapy advice.
  • To provide an educational perspective for complex cases e.g. case managed children when there is a large team around a child

Initial 90-minute parent consultation only £75 instead of £90

For more information or to book one of these offers. Please email info@totalchildrenstherapy.com and quote code TCTSEND310321