TCT Supported Projects

TCT Supported Projects

Race Running

Total Children’s Therapy is delighted to be involved with the creation, fundraising for and running of the new race running club in our area.

Race running is an innovative sport and athletic discipline for disabled athletes or ‘racerunners’. Athletes use a running bike.  This is a three-wheeled frame with a saddle, body support but no pedals. Athletes run over distances similar to other track and road running disciplines; 100, 200, 400, 800metres as well as 10kilometres, half and full marathons.  The sport of race running was founded in Denmark in 1991 by Paralympian Connie Hansen and present international race running coordinator Mansoor Siddiqi.

We are in partnership with the Dorset Children’s Foundation who work tirelessly to help children with disabilities and their families around the county and they are incredibly supportive of this initiative. Importantly we also have the wonderful facilities and support of the para athletics coach Martin Cook from Poole Athletic Club at Ashdown Leisure Centre.

The club has got off to a great start and we hope it will grow and give the children attending a chance to have a go at a brilliant sport, get out of breath and if they want to, compete against other athletes and clubs. The older para athletes at Poole also act as fantastic role models to the younger children which is yet another benefit to joining and being involved with the club.

Please send a message to our physio team who can put you in touch with Martin if you have a young person who may be interested in attending.

Race Running Club –

More details and events coming soon in 2021.


Music Therapy Fund

Because of a very kind person TCT has been able to set up a Music Therapy Fund.
It has been set up to bring music therapy and all it’s advantages into the lives of children and young people who would otherwise not have access to it or be able to afford it!

Through our music therapy fund we are able to provide up to 4 free music therapy sessions and a bespoke music package for use afterwards. We will consider referrals from therapists, those involved in your child’s care / education, parents. For more info or to discuss making a referral please contact us. Please see our music therapy section for more information about how music therapy works/might be beneficial.