Family Feedbacks

On Saturday 14th September 2019, our then 9 year old Son, W, was complaining of pain in his knee. He was a healthy, fit and active boy who loved football, riding his bike and skiing. By the end of that day, he had spiked a temperature that was not coming down. The pain in his leg had increased to such an extent he could not bear to even to be touched lightly on his leg. In the early hours of the Sunday morning, he was admitted to Poole hospital. Blood tests revealed a very high CRP level indicative of sepsis and a serious infection. An MRI was carried out and we were told he would be transferred to University Hospital Southampton for treatment. The infection continued to take hold of his right tibia bone and the muscle. We were warned at one point that the risk of losing his leg to this infection was high. After around 12 weeks in hospital, 15 operations carrying out washouts and bone and muscle debridement and 3 blood transfusions, the wound was closed by plastic surgeons who had to carry out a gastrocnemius flap procedure meaning 1/2 of his calf muscle was wrapped around the front of his leg to fill the void of bone and muscle. He has a large scar down the back of his leg and another down the front.

W was pretty much bed bound for 4 months and unable to walk when we returned home. He had to learn to walk again. We had NHS physio support, but it just wasn’t enough, we felt lost. I searched online for a private children’s physiotherapist and came across Total Children’s Therapy. I picked up the phone and spoke to Wendy. At the time when all we needed was some support, I ended up becoming tearful on the phone to Wendy. To speak to somebody who just understood exactly what W and we as a family had been through and the support we all needed and they were able to offer help straight away was such a relief.

With the help of Nicki, a Specialist Paediatric Orthopaedic Physiotherapist at Total Children’s Therapy, W learnt to walk again. Nicki would visit us at home to start with, then at the clinic and we have had sessions in the gym with her too. His recovery was and still is a long process and he can’t do many of the things he would like to but with the support and specialism of Nicki, he has the very best chance to get as strong as possible.

We still see Nicki to this day for therapy and have had many ups and downs with mobility and injuries. I would never choose anyone else to support W with his recovery!

TCT have gone above and beyond to create a programme which is specifically tailored to our son, we never feel that he is receiving a generic programme. TCT have been great at adapting the programme to make it interesting for our son over the years, specifically incorporating his interests into the exercises.

All therapists have been easy to communicate with and willing to help with any questions or queries.

When I was a stroppy teenager, you were still able to make physio fun as well as helping me to understand why they were so important. That lesson will never leave me.

Everything has been positive, thank you. A particular highlight though has been the tea parties S has attended. The only time we have ever been able to leave him somewhere other than school to socialise.

Everything has been positive, thank you. A particular highlight though has been the tea parties S has attended. The only time we have ever been able to leave him somewhere other than school to socialise.

Just thank you very much, very happy we found you and you play a part in our son’s life.

Originally for hydrotherapy, now we continue to choose tct therapy for their professionalism, communication between therapists and dedication.

All the therapists go above and beyond to help the family with their goals.

Everyone who we have come in contact with has made a positive impact on our sons life, in particular Wendy who is a hero in our household.

Professional but very friendly, which immediately makes me feel at ease. They listen and present a genuine interest in my child, respecting my concerns and my knowledge of my child.

Made to feel valued as a parent that has the best knowledge of their child’s difficulties, strengths and behaviours.

As a parent I was always treated with respect and therapists were reassuring and offered supportive advice when I had moments of self- doubt that I was doing the right things to help my child succeed.

Settings/Case Managers Feedbacks

All therapists have been easy to communicate with and willing to help with any questions or queries.

Good therapy provision, excellent report writing and good communication skills

Always willing to help/accommodate to what we need as a school

Amazing, friendly and professional

Twilight workshops and inset training has been well received

Quick turnaround time for reports

Multi therapists working together on same case produce insightful reports which aids family and pupil concerned. Holistic approach.

Music Therapy Feedbacks

I am really passionate about Rachel’s music therapy and its impact on William’s pleasure of life. But add the physio to the mix and you’ve got me on my soap box telling the world.

He was totally connected with Rachel, immersed in the sound of instruments and her voice and so calm in himself and his curiosity. His enjoyment of the interaction was captivating but there was also so much going on to support his development on a wider scale. He was listening and taking cues from Rachel, he responded when the sounds he made stopped by eagerly searching for more eye contact and repeating his movements on the instrument.

Rachel has an innate ability to understand a child and tailor what she does to bring out the absolute best in that child and what sparks their involvement in the sounds and feelings of the session. 

Jane worked as intuitively as always, pushing his mobility and stability skills just that little further, never interrupting but adding to the flow and impact of the music therapy.  

There are very few things that hold William’s attention for more than a minute of two, so you can imagine how emotional it is to see him swept away by music therapy for up to 30 minutes. 

Tania M

We have been accessing music therapy with Rachel for 5 years now and it has become a big part of his life. He really enjoys the whole sensory experience from touching the instruments to hearing new sounds and songs. He is at his most expressive when hearing and participating in music sessions. I have shown school videos of Dylan in his at home music sessions with Rachel and they have taken this forward to now include it as part of his individual learning sessions at school. Without his sessions with Rachel we would not have progressed this far and included the use of switches and the ipad for music. These are skills that he can now begin to transfer to other areas of his learning and communication which is amazing.

Rachel has always tailored our sessions to what Dylan enjoys and has been understanding of how he is feeling on any particular day. He can be full on participation with playing and singing or just wanting to listen and enjoy the sounds. Each session has some familiar songs and Dylan recognises these and responds which is lovely to see. Rachel delivers every session with fun and fully engages with Dylan encouraging eye contact and interaction as much as possible. His enjoyment of his sessions with Rachel is so obvious and it makes him and us very happy.

There is always a variety of instruments to encourage him to participate and try new things. We have used both traditional instruments and new technology inspired sounds to widen his experiences. Rachel is always looking for new things to try but appreciates Dylans love of the traditional sounds and especially drums.
Rachel is amazing at her job and has been so lovely to us over the years. More children having access to music therapy would be amazing

Emily & Dylan W

Our son has been loving his twice weekly music lessons with Rachel and has been really trying hard to join in. It’s been amazing! Thank you!

George N